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Our modern production facility spans [9000 sqft] and is equipped with advanced corrugation machines, cutting-edge gluing systems, and high-resolution printing equipment. This technology, coupled with our skilled workforce, allows us to maintain consistent quality and meet demanding production schedules.



A thin blade rotary cutter is a type of cutting tool commonly used in industries such as paper converting, printing, and packaging. This cutter consists of a circular blade mounted on a rotary cylinder, and it is designed to cut through various materials, including paper, plastic films, and thin sheets. The rotary cutter operates by rotating the blade at high speed while pressing it against the material, resulting in a clean and precise cut.


A sheeter is a machine used in the paper and packaging industry to cut large rolls of paper into smaller, more manageable sheets. It is acritical piece of equipment in converting processes, where raw materials need to be cut into specific dimensions for further processing or packaging.


A die in a corrugation plant refers to a cutting tool used to cut or shape corrugated cardboard or paperboard into specific designs or dimensions. It is an essential part of the box-making process and is used in conjunction with a die cutting machine.


A corrugation machine in a corrugation plant is used to create corrugated cardboard or sheets. It typically consists of a set of rollers that apply pressure to a single-faced corrugated board, sandwiching it between a flat linerboard. This process creates the familiar wavy pattern known as corrugation, which provides strength and rigidity to the cardboard. The resulting corrugated sheets can then be used for packaging & boxes.


A stitching machine in a corrugation plant is used for the final stage of box manufacturing,where it stitches or staples the flaps of corrugated boxes together to form a complete box. This machine is commonly known as a “box stitching machine” or “box stapling machine.”



The rotary slotter is used to create slots, scores, and perforations in corrugated sheets or boards, allowing for easy folding and assembly of corrugated boxes.The machine has rotating blades that cut precise slots into the material, making it easier to bend and shape the corrugated sheets into the desired box design.


A paper pasting machine is commonly used in corrugation plants to glue together layers of paperboard in the production of corrugated boxes. It applies adhesive between the fluted medium and linerboard to create a strong and rigid material for packaging. This process enhances the box’s strength and durability.


A Double Color Flexo Machine is a type of printing machine used for flexographic printing, which is a commonly used method for printing on various types of flexible substrates such as paper, cardboard, plastic films, and more. Flexographic printing is known for its ability to produce high-quality prints at high speeds, making it suitable for various packaging materials and labels.

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